Who would have ever thought that clay could inspire angels to wonder, much less be the habitation of God? Who would have ever guessed that clay from a garden would be the passion of the Pneuma’s kiss? And who would have ever dared dream that Love’s killer would one day be Love’s bride? O how measureless are the affections of the Divine Potter who has fallen in Love with clay!

O believer, do you understand what His Spirit inside of you means? It means that Hope has taken up residence inside of you. It means the Hope of Glory has fallen hopelessly in love with the hopeless. It means, dear friend, you don’t have to live like a victim. You are irrevocably blessed as the clay-wonder of Heaven!

There are still true blessings and sacred delights that are immune to the touch of this world. This scripture is one of them. Find rest in its sure promise this Christmas season.

We are the deepest desire of God, the love that opened Emmanuel’s veins, and the remarkable clay-dwelling of His very own Spirit!

Merry Christmas my friends!

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