Of the Dragon kin, not many are more cunning or dangerous than the gold, and Tannin, their leader, is downright lethal. Tannin is an elder demon, a dragon lord high within the ranks of the Legion. Armed with claws, and fangs the size of a man’s leg, Tannin has killed many a High-Bourne and proven to be one of the General’s greatest challenges. The crafty gold has alluded the High-Bourne’s best efforts to take him down for more than 6 ages now. He is careful and ruthless, never engaging in a fight that he cannot win and what’s worse… Tannin doesn’t just kill in battle, he kills for the pleasure of it. 



Few, even among Dragon kin can match Tannin for sheer cunning. He carries at his disposal all of the mental and physical attributes typical of Dragon kin and a breath-weapon unique to him being a gold. Tannin can exhale a gaseous cloud from his maw that will put to sleep most adversaries he will face, and some may never awake. Lesser than Lucifer’s ability, but still formidable, is Tannin’s skill with the demon magic known as Shadow-Bind. This ability is rare, even among his kind and makes Tannin, one of the High-Bourne’s most hated and dangerous foes. 

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