Mal’ak is of the bovine, Ta’ow–the blacksmiths of heaven(though they would rather you call them ‘Crafters.’) They are a curious lot and Mal’ak is no exception, save one peculiarity. Mal’ak, unlike most of his kin, is curious about adventure. Like any blacksmith, Mal’ak loves to feel the weight of his favorite hammer against the unyielding anvil, while the bellows are whistling and the fire turns the metal white hot, but Mal’ak is curious to know more than just the secrets of the forge. Mal’ak longs to know the secrets of adventure— the greater the mystery, the greater his curiosity. And if it has to do with earth, well, to Mal’ak, there few things better than filling up a blank journal page with a good mystery, and nothing holds more mystery to Mal’ak than a realm he has never been to…earth.



Mal’ak, like most Ta’ow, are innately strong. This aids the Ta’ow in the way of forging, lifting and in their many other duties as the builders of the heavenly realm.



As a Crafter or Blacksmith, Mal’ak and his kin are skilled in the art of Crafting. Crafting at its very core is very much a part of being Ta’ow. Ta’ow do not simply shape metals through fire and the skill of their hammers. Their skills at the forge reach far beyond the abilities of mortal man, and in fact, show them to be peerless, even among the other tribes in the spirit realm. But what the Blacksmiths of heaven are most renowned for, is their ability to Forge-Craft. Forge Crafting is a forging process perfected by the Ta’ow, enabling them to give shape to the words of God. Forge Crafting is the only known way of permanently forging an utterance of the Old Tongue within an object. It essentially infuses the power of a God Word within an object forever.

See Rune Crafting(in Glossary)


Ta’ow Crafter’s are especially gifted with numbers as well. Simply put, numbers just make sense to them. Mal’ak does not count or calculate per se but sees numbers or their sums, naturally, when looking at something. Whether it is an inanimate object like an anvil or another angel, numbers fall along the contours of wherever Mal’ak is looking. It is part of his ability as a Crafter and another reason his kin are able to Forge-Craft so skillfully.

See Old Tongue(in Glossary)

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