Lucifer is the demon responsible for the fall of human kind and every subsequent war and drop of blood shed after it. Of the Dragon kin, Lucifer is easily amongst its most powerful, and leader to not only the red Dragon kin but of the entire Legion itself. The depthless evil of this creature is unrivaled. No remorse, mercy, moral conscious, or love, exists within Lucifer’s stone heart. His hatred for the Great Lord is only rivaled by his desire to destroy the High-Bourne of heaven and the Great Lord’s children called, Flesh-walkers(humans).



Like Tannin, Lucifer carries the full arsenal of Dragon kin attributes. All of the speed, strength, and prowess of concurrent thought in the higher caste, was bestowed upon the Arch-demon before his fall. Lucifer has the distinction of being made from the ‘full pattern.’ Before the Age of the Turning, and before men of flesh walked the earth, Lucifer served the Great Lord as the anointed cherubim. Aside from the Great Lord himself, there was none other so beautiful, so intelligent so gifted as the Daystar. Though fallen from grace, much of these gifts still remain intact and make Lucifer one of the most lethal enemies the High-Bourne have ever faced.



For the most part, whatever that the Great Lord has created, the deceiver has managed a counterfeit of some kind, even for magic. Shadow-Bind is the ability to bind Baal-Shadow to one’s will and to traverse the shadow realm. This magic does not come from the pure source of the God-Flow as does the High-Bourne magics called, Rune-Craft and Forge-Craft. Shadow-Bind is demon magic that draws its power from death itself, nd always costs a boon from the caster—usually blood. The dark gift was bestowed upon Lucifer by the death demon Samyaza, when they struck their tenuous pact to kill God’s children.

Breath Weapon
Lucifer can exhale hell-fire from his maw to devastating effect.


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