Little is known of the Aspect called, Leviathan. Mysterious and powerful beyond imagining, the Shadow of the Deep rules the briny black waters of the Narrows, in the Realm of the Aspects. The High-Bourne’s greatest think-wells have little to offer in the way of information concerning Leviathan over the ages, but believe the beasts past to predate angels, demons and the Ages themselves. The only sure enlightenment about Leviathan for the High-Bourne over the long centuries, is the monster’s undying hunger. Leviathan does not care if it is demon or angel that trespasses in his waters. Anything foolhardy enough to fall under his watchful gaze is prey, and he would assume eat one, as to eat the other.



Leviathan is power incarnate. To be eaten by Leviathan, is to cease to be or ever have been.

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