It’s early morning while I sit out on the balcony of a huge ship headed for Haiti. Already, I’m thinking of Him and the smallness of me. For me, it’s hard not to in moments like these—so much water out here. The deepness of the blue gives it away, you know—that the water is deep and that I am far, far from home and shore. It gives something else away too. This might be a bit much for some readers. If it is, I totally understand if you want to go read a different thread. However, if you continually see Him in the beauty He has made, and if you long for that next glimpse so much that you find yourself looking for Him in the mysteries, then maybe this post is for you. Some of the most profound moments between God and me come sandwiched somewhere between His word, the mystery of Him and the wonder of something He has made. Of course, His word trumps, but this morning He gave me something in the mystery and the beauty to think on.

My morning went something like this:

I looked to the ship’s forward, anticipating something. I didn’t know what yet. He’s mysterious like that. He knows all mysteries on the far sides of eternity and I don’t even know what to ask for, so it works out well between us. I wait on Him right there, in the middle of all that deep blue. I suppose every quiet time is different, but today’s different is more than most. It’s not every day you wake up with ocean in every direction you look. I walk out onto the balcony of the cabin and catch the glow of a sunrise that hasn’t quite reached the horizon yet, but has painted just enough blue-sky canvas to let me know it’s there. Already, my eyes start to flow like the ocean around this big ship, and that is the place that my God drops 3 words into my spirit:


I don’t know, maybe it’s the beauty of this moment, just Him and me. Maybe it’s the forward motion of the boat pulling me, or the terrifying beauty of an ocean I can’t see the end of. Whatever the case, God has placed it upon me this morning that ‘I am going!’ That every footfall on the deck of this ship, every note played on stage, every nautical mile sailed, right down to every single heartbeat is taking me somewhere.


And it’s not just to Haiti that I am going, not just to good health on a treadmill after breakfast, not just to play the bass either; I am going to somewhere very specific, permanent!

I am going!

At the bedrock bottom of this thought is the notion of unwavering peace and a bubbling joy that all of my goings are going to Him!

I don’t know where this finds you today. I don’t know if it makes any difference in your world of worries. But today, God took a simple thing like a boat, and the motion of the ocean and tied it to His presence for me. He let me feel the wind rushing over the deck and the forward motion of the ship pulling me and caused me to understand, at least to some degree, that because I am His and He is mine, that wherever I go in this life, He is waiting for me at the end of it all. That His promises and providence toward me are far grandeur, far stronger than I could ever imagine. It gets crazy, y’all. Think of it this way. If I were incapable of doing anything the rest of my days, because of illness or what have you, then time, by His sure design, all by itself, would draw me straight into His arms.

I am going!

My Father has mercifully numbered my days so that all my destinations will one day find their way straight to Him! David was right to write, “O Lord our Lord how excellent is Your Name in all the earth!”

Today my friends, if you know Him, you can never truly be lost. Doesn’t matter how big the storm, doesn’t matter how deep the blue of your own sea. If you know Him, you are without a doubt ‘Going!’ And so am I. Not just to a better place where things like sorrow and pain are no more.

Not just to a place where I will see my loved ones again.

I am going!

Not just to a place of living waters, golden streets, and mansions and the like.

I am going!

Not just to a place where angels call home behind a pearl gate. I am going to the One who outshines them all! I am on a head-on collision with The One who has been drawing me my whole life towards Himself.

I am going to the God who loves me!

So today, if you find yourself fretting, let where you are going have preeminence over what you are doing. Let your very next steps, feel the hand of providence pulling you toward a future of kept promises, set, holy, eternal, inevitable!

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