This song was born from a sermon title I heard over ten years ago. I don’t remember much of the sermon now, but the premise still gets me to this day.

The fact that Jesus walked this planet for 30 years before he ever accomplished a single miracle is puzzling. That Jesus, the son of God, actually pulled up His sandal straps and walked His days and minutes out just like me, is downright astonishing.

He had the power to do anything, you know. We would do well to let that sink in. He could do anything, but He chose to be a man, to take each day to feel like a man does.

Life in this fallen world did not pull its punches, but apparently, the Life Giver wouldn’t have had it any other way. Jesus took His time. For 30 years He walked this thing out, just like me–just like you. He, with the power to heal death, took the time learn the patience of a man. What kind of man has that kind of restraint? Who else could summon the fortitude to walk out a life when He doesn’t have to? Why did He do it, and what was so important about waiting? Well, I believe it has to do with that pastor’s sermon, and this simple song.

He found glory in the ordinary. 

You see, we’re quick to celebrate the greatest miracle of all time, and we should. Grace’s sweetest embrace will always be the cross. But, if we’re not “real careful” we’ll miss the miracle hiding in plain sight. We’ll miss the simple measure of a man’s days. You see, for all the glory of the cross, it took Him only 3 days to complete redemption, 3 days to show us how a Savior dies, and yet He spent 30 years to show us how a Savior lives.

This song was written to remind us of that truth. He found glory in the ordinary. Maybe it isn’t a miracle, technically, but then again, who’s to say it’s not? The cross does cast a mighty big shadow. But if we pay attention, if we know where to look, there, hiding in its shadow is the sweetest miracle you’ll ever see. The miracle of God taking time to walk out life just like you and just like me. Showing us how to live life like a Savior does; showing us that there is glory to be found in the ordinary.


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