If demons have dreams, then the General would be their worst nightmare. The General is an Archangel and leader to the war-bound tribes of heaven known as the High-Bourne. Like the Chronicler, he has been known by many names through the ages. Michael, The Great Tacticianer, The Tip of The Sword, Acistratigos and more, but in this age, the elite under his command, simply call him, the General. If heaven has a war-machine it would unquestioningly be, the General.



The General has few equals in the art of war. He is proficient in all forms of physical and mental combat, and in fact, has engineered an entire mode of war for his High-Bourne called the Precepts of War. His cunning and prowess on the battlefield are legendary, among the Fallen Legion. Demons, both great and small in stature, give a wide berth to the fierce, High-Bourne leader, for they know to fall under General’s countenance on the battlefield, is all but certain death.

The General’s love and loyalty to his kind and especially, his King, inspire all who serve under his command. For there is not a single High-Bourne raised to the banner of the Great Lord that he would not die for, just as they would readily spill their own essence for him. 


The General carries the sword of legend, named, Imbrah the LightBringer. The blade has no equal in terms of power and craftsmanship. It was neither crafted by man or angel, but forged without hands from light and tempered seven times within the core of a Seraphim’s heart. The blade has no master, ut has chosen the General, who carries it with unmitigated veneration and single minded purpose—for the glory to his God, and to make war on death and hell. There is no power, dominion, demon, or dragon of any stature that can stand before the might of Imbrah the LightBringer.

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