The Archangel known as Gabriel has been called by many names over the millennia: High-Bourne, Keeper of the Seven Seals, Keeper of the Ages, to name just a few. However, in the current age, he is best known as the Chronicler. He is amongst the oldest of his kind and one of heaven’s most venerated leaders in the war-bound tribes called, High-Bourne. The Chronicler’s station and calling are unique among the High-Bourne tribes, for he alone carries the sole burden of knowledge, chronicling the history of the ages with a quill that will only let him record the sovereign will of God(often before it happens). Ancient and powerful in his order, the Chronicler is often the unwavering voice of wisdom, just when it is needed. 



The Chronicler is marked with the same ageless face and ember-flame eyes as are most of his kind. Though tall, for a High-Bourne, he is not known for his physical stature as much as he is known for his sheer wisdom and knowledge of a very specific nature…words. The Chronicler or “Word Smith” as most of his enemies know him, is nigh peerless in the knowledge of an ancient and powerful language. Every utterance of this language, the Old Tongue, is God breathed, and wrought with power by its original author, the Great Lord himself.



The Chronicler shares Mal’ak’s passion of words, but that is where their similarities end. The Chronicler’s words are bound to a language forgotten by men and angel since the Age of the Turning. Of the Chronicler’s many abilities as an Archangel, these “words” or Rune Crafting, as they call it, set him apart from all but the Highest ranks in the High-Bourne hierarchy. Unlike Forge Crafting, Rune Crafting is more, written magic as opposed to forged magic and has a less permanent effect on an object. The Chronicler can use Rune Crafting to temporarily inscribe a single utterance of the Old Tongue upon something or someone in the form of a Ward for protection, healing and combat etc…. 

The Chronicler essentially wields divine magic that is bound to the original language of God through the cypher of a hidden melody.

(see The Great Song of Songs in glossary)

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